2020 Christmas Offering

2020 Christmas Offering

Dear Clergy, Congregations, & Leaders,

Life does not always play out like we imagine. This is true for us individually and true for our Congregations. You plan for things to be a certain way but then "life happens.” We pray for the courage to dream, to believe, and to hope when circumstances have changed, and even in a time like this, to rejoice. Through the Christmas Offering, resources are provided that assist the Christian Church in Ohio in supporting Congregations, Ministers, and the ministries of Camp Christian and the Ohio Region.

The Christmas Offering is an opportunity to support the regional ministry we share with one another. It supports the work of Commission on Ministry Teams meeting with students and individuals preparing for commissioned and ordained ministry. It provides significant support for our excellent ministries at Camp Christian. It helps to provide clergy training sessions such as Anti-Racism, Ethical Boundaries, and Interim training. It helps assist congregations searching for their next minister. It helps us connect with each other and worship together digitally, which has been crucial this year. It provides opportunities for developing Spiritual Life among ministers and lay persons throughout the church. And so much more! Together we do ministry in the name of Christ.

Attached to this email is the Ohio Region specific bulletin insert to be shared with your Congregations. Additional materials for the Christmas Offering can be found on the Special Offering page of the Disciples Mission Fund website https://disciplesmissionfund.org/special-offerings/christmas/

Your gifts to the Christmas Offering support the body of Christ in Ohio. Your generosity makes a difference in local communities and around the world!

Online Donations to the Christmas Offering can be made through our website by selecting "Christmas” from the designation dropdown https://www.ccinoh.com/donation.aspx

Or through Disciples Mission Fund at https://disciplesmissionfund.org/give/ (Be sure to designate your gift to "Christmas Special Offering – Regions”)

Checks made payable to the Christian Church in Ohio can be mailed to:

OGMP-Treasury Services

P.O. Box 1986

Indianapolis, IN 46206

Thank you for your support and help in promoting and supporting the Christmas Offering.

Peace and God Bless,

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